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HVAC ductwork and systems require external thermal insulation to keep air temperature and systems running as designed. Investing in a fully adapted external insulation solution also has numerous benefits for project owners (reduced energy consumption) installers (lightweight and easy to handle) and occupants (improved comfort).

1. Thermal insulation: Reduce the amount of heat (or cold) energy needed to maintain the air temperature as designed, while also preventing the formation of condensation. 

2. Superior acoustic properties: Significantly reduce the amount of noise transmitted through the ductwork and pipework in the HVAC system.

3. Fire safety: To protect building users and occupants with our non-combustible insulation materials, with no contribution of toxic smoke or flaming droplets. For ventilation fire protection discovers our Fire-Resistant Ducts.

Contact Worldfamous Technologies for the right external HVAC insulation for your project and discover a wide range of different external insulation materials adapted to different project requirement such as duct or pipe diameter, application and mechanical strength.

Glass wool roll with aluminum facing for external insulation of metal ducts or HVAC equipment to avoid thermal losses and prevent condensation.

Glass wool roll with improved mechanical properties, designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation for ductwork, tanks and large diameter pipes.

Glass wool tube for external insulation of air-conditioning ducts in detached houses, as well as the thermal insulation of sewage pipes and radon gas ventilation pipes.