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Fire Protection Systems

Protect Your Industrial Facility and Workforce with Cutting-Edge Fire Protection Systems


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The importance of having the right fire protection systems in place to mitigate the risks of fire-related damage and loss is never underestimated that’s why
At Worldfamous Technologies Limited, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art fire protection solutions that meet the unique needs of industrial facilities. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest technologies, installation and maintenance requirements, and fire safety regulations to ensure that your facility is fully compliant and protected.


Aspirating Smoke Detection System

Aspirating Smoke Detection systems have been available for well over twenty years. Advances in technology have allowed aspirating smoke detection to evolve from a niche, and very specialist, detection solution to a staple in the fire alarm industry.

Aspirating smoke detection (ASD) is one of the quickest and most reliable detection types on the market today. Based around a central detection unit, it uses powerful fans to draw samples of air from the protected area into a detection chamber, via a network of sampling pipes.

The air is typically filtered by a series of filters to remove any contaminants before it enters the chamber and is processed.

Once the smoke reaches the detection chamber, highly sensitive and precise detection elements, combined with a string of complex algorithms, analyse the sampled air for smoke particles.


Due to the unique ability of aspirating smoke detection to actively monitor samples of air, it can detect the presence of smoke even before it is visible to the human eye and is impervious to unpredictable airflows. Furthermore, its ability to differentiate between smoke and potential contaminants makes it one of the most reliable detection types available.


At Worldfamous Technologies limited, We Procure state of the art security and safety products directly from the manufacturers to ensure our customers get the value of what they are buying at all times.